All photography by Tony and Avril Ayling

Since 1980, we have carried out a wide variety of projects on over 400 reefs the length and breadth of the Great Barrier Reef as well as undertaking work in many other parts of Australia and the Indo-Pacific.

Regional and overseas experience

  • Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea: hundreds of locations. 
  • NW Western Australian Reefs: Dampier, Port Hedland, Cape Preston, Ningaloo, Rowley Shoals, Scott Reef and Ashmore Reef. Fish and coral surveys.
  • Darwin: reef and benthic community surveys.
  • NSW: fish and benthic community surveys.
  • South Australia: fish and seagrass community surveys.
  • New Zealand: years of experience assessing benthic and fish populations.
  • Vanuatu: widespread marine resource assessment.
  • Saudi Arabia: both Red Sea and Arabian Gulf coasts. Fish, benthic and seagrass.
  • Qatar: marine community assessment around oil industry installations.
  • United Arab Emirates: coral relocation.
  • Timor-Leste (East Timor): marine resource and fish biomass surveys.
  • PNG, Indonesia, Malaysia, Seychelles, Hawaii, Mo'orea, Marquesas, Christmas and Cocos Island, Singapore: fish and benthic surveys.
Above:  Diving for fish biomass surveys from an outrigger canoe in Timor-Leste.

Above: Diving for fish biomass surveys from an outrigger canoe in Timor-Leste.